Friday, February 22, 2013

Vietnamese Kids Work to Save Animals

Love animals just like you do your own country
When many Americans think of Vietnam, or other Asian countries like China or Korea, they don't likely think of animal lovers. But a group of kids who are part of the Kairos Coalition, an organization founded by former US Marine Robert Lucius, will make you re-think your stereotypes about Asia and animals. They are called Yêu Động Vật, or "Animal Lovers," and they rescue animals, advocate for better treatment for Vietnam's animals, and they have produced these incredible, beautiful, and thought-provoking posters which make Vietnam's citizen's think twice about how animals are treated there.

Who will give me freedom?
Give us light!
Rights to have freedom
Stop: they are our ancestors
We are not food
Mom, what did we do wrong?
Stopping hunting means stopping crime

Rights in pursuit of happiness


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